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Here's the nitty gritty that you need to know about the contest. 

If you would like to enter to win, click here.

What you win

  • The winner will receive a credit for 1 all day event.

  • All day is from 9am to Midnight.

Other Details

The Guthrie Depot will provide what is normally included in an all day booking. That includes the following:

  • Event in the Ballroom

  • Tables and Chairs for up to 250 guests

  • Tables for food and drinks

  • Use of the Kitchenette

  • Use of the Bride and Groom's Suite (restoration nearing completion)


Rules and Exclusions

  • The event must occur by or before 12/31/2024.

  • The winner may only use the credit towards a wedding

  • Winner may not redeem anything for cash 

  • The Guthrie Depot will not provide any other services as part of this giveaway ie: Bar services, Photography, Floral, etc. 

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